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Designing Your Dream Home? Developing a Property? Considering a Renovation or Extension? Every question to ask, every detail to consider and everything you need to know before you design, build, extend or renovate......

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Building Design and Property Development Brisbane

Building Designers Who Bring Your Property to Life

Res Solution Design are qualified and experienced building designers and development managers who are dedicated to helping your building project succeed. We have years of experience in the building industry and unparalleled expertise in property development and custom design home plans, making us invaluable partners for whatever you want to build. If you can imagine it, we can design it then help you find the right builder to build it.

It doesn't matter if you need help designing your dream home, if you're looking to develop property, or if you want to improve your house with a renovation or an extension... Res Solution Design is your first choice.

Please feel free to browse the website to see projects that have been completed recently, and others that are in our pipeline.


Experience That Makes a Difference

Originally established in 1974 (under a different brand), Res Solution Design has been providing building design and building solutions to clients across Queensland for over 40 years. This wealth of experience in the building industry has given us a level of knowledge and expertise that truly makes a difference in the outcome of your project. When it comes to custom designing house plans or plans for townhouses or residential units, few can match the real-world experience of Res Solution

Design. Through the unique C2C System we can also help you all the way through the Building Process as well.

Because we’ve been working in the Australian building industry for so long, we know what works best for different types of property development projects and custom home designs. We’ve developed this knowledge from real experience. We have designed a wide variety of developments, custom homes, extensions and renovation projects both big and small throughout our history. We also have built and developed our own successful property projects in the residential Brisbane Property market. This allows us to create realistic expectations for our clients, using our collective expertise to shape their visions and bring them to life.

As mainstays in the building industry, we’ve also developed an extensive network of partners, collaborators, and specialists that can make any project a success. Not all projects are the same, and some may require particular companies or workers to carry out certain tasks. Our in-depth experience allows us to select and recommend the best people for your needs, ensuring that you have the right people working on your project in every stage of development.

If there’s one thing that all our experience in the building industry has taught us, it’s the fact that who you hire and who you work with truly makes a difference. You need the right people doing the right things at the right time.

As any of our clients will tell you, Res Solution Design will keep your design and construction project pointed in the right direction. And once you work with us, we’ll assemble and lead the best and most suitable people for your project. If you need someone to do something, we’ll know who to call and who to hire to make your project succeed.

Step by Step

As you’ll soon find out when you start working with us, Res Solution Design is all about implementing a clear, thorough, and efficient process for building your project. This not only saves precious time and resources, but increases the quality of the outcome as well. This also means that we implement a process that takes everything step by step, ensuring that you have full control and knowledge of every stage of development, from design to completion.

Our work begins long before we even start designing and managing your project:

1. Initial site analysis and assessment

We start with an initial site analysis that allows us to assess your property site and identify all factors that could affect your project. It’s important to note that this is a completely no fee, no obligation introductory stage. We do this so we can better understand your site before giving you any advice.

Unlike most other companies, we won’t give you a generic estimate for your project. That’s because we know that no two property sites are the same, and every situation is different. To give you more realistic and informed advice, we first need to gather as much information about your site as we can. This is part of our commitment to always deliver quality service from the very beginning.

We’re proud to be one of the leading property development Brisbane specialists, and we’ll make sure it stays that way.

2. Personal discussion

The next step in our process is to meet you personally so we can discuss your project. In this stage, we discover and flesh out what you really need and want for your property development, custom home design or renovation/extension. This also serves as a time to raise any issues that you (or we) may have before proceeding with your concept. Discussing your project in person allows us to better understand exactly what direction you want to go and what you expect the results to be. It also gives you a grasp of what we can do for you as your building designer and lead consultant.

3. Trial Budget Process

After discussing your project, we enter into a phase we call the Trial Budget Process. This step involves using the information we’ve gathered so far and putting it into our proprietary Concept 2 Completion (C2C) System.

At this stage, we’re able to provide an accurate estimate of how much your project will cost to bring to life. The tools in our C2C System are supported by our expertise and knowledge of the building industry, allowing us to give you an estimate that’s within 5% to 8% of the final costs.

This accurate estimate provides an outstanding place to start planning your budget and determining your project’s feasibility.

Again, this stage is part of our no fee, no obligation introductory stage, allowing you to get an accurate estimate without any risk. No other building design company does this, unless they’re also accredited with the C2C system that we helped create.

4. To continue or not

At this stage, both sides now have a better understanding of what it takes to bring your project to life. We know what you need and want, and you know what we’re capable of delivering. We’ll then ask you if you’d like us to send a fee proposal for your project. This is a purely yes or no question, with still no obligation tied to it. If you do say yes, we’ll send our fee proposal soon after receiving confirmation of your interest.

Once you’ve gone through our proposal and decide to use our service, we’ll then send you an Activation Invoice and ask you to sign our Engagement Proposal. From this point, we’ll guide you through every step of your project’s development until its full completion.

It’s important to note that as part of our step by step philosophy, we’ll also only invoice you when each designated phase of a project is completed. This minimises the risk on your part and allows you to take full control of your project’s budget at all times.

Our C2C System

Res Solution Design is proudly one of the founding partners of our proprietary software, Concept 2 Completion (C2C). This revolutionary software is what drives our process and what helps our clients get a clear and accurate picture of every stage of their property’s development.

C2C was borne out of a need to transform the outdated and often inefficient project management systems used by many builders, architects and building designers in the property development industry. C2C is a transparent and reliable project management system, providing clients full control, predictability and detailed process knowledge of each development phase.

Too many times, we’ve seen clients left in the dark by their designers and builders when it comes to knowing how their projects are coming along and what’s being done. The C2C system prevents this from ever happening. This means that you’ll always know what’s going on in your project and where it currently stands on your project’s timeline.

Here’s what makes our C2C System so beneficial to all clients and property developers:

  • Transparency – both sides will have access to details of every development stage, allowing everyone involved to stay on the same page and immediately work out any issues that may arise. It provides clear and real-time information of each stage as the project progresses.
  • Accuracy – C2C was designed and based on the collective experience of its founders, which we’re proudly one of. This invaluable experience allows C2C to provide accurate data from the building industry, which produces more realistic estimates and costing details for each phase.
  • Ease of Use – our C2C System is based on a cloud system, allowing any authorised party to access it anytime and anywhere. This allows “the team” of consultants and builders the opportunity to collaborate on your project long before it is too late.

Designed and Built for Success

With our team of custom home and property development Brisbane specialists designing or leading your project, you'll have access to a proven system that:

  • Helps you to understand the costs of construction so that you can make informed decisions about your building project,
  • Allows you to access just about any building product at prices direct from the manufacturer,
  • Enables you to review your project in 3D using the latest in computer generated modelling.

Res Solution Design will also ensure you have access to professional consultants in:

  • Town Planning
  • Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Interior Design

Res Solution Design are your House Plans Brisbane experts.

You will also be introduced to accredited builders who are just as eager as you to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Start Building Your Dream Project

Got a challenging project? The size and complexity won’t matter, Res Solution Design can help. We have extensive experience in a wide range of projects, from new homes and make-overs to extensions and designing and managing multi-unit developments.

With Res Solution Design, you’ll work with the leading property development Brisbane service and a proven system that provides predictable, high quality results. And that’s exactly what you want for your building project. Because when it comes to building design and development, the last thing you want is any surprises.

You dream it and we’ll build it.

Come and see us, or chat with one of our friendly team members today, and let Res Solution Design bring your property to life.

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Completed Projects

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